Thursday, March 6

What is Horizontal and vertical clustering?

There are two method of clustering Horizontal and Vertical.
Horizontal clustering :
involves running multiple Java application servers that are run on two or more separate physical machines. Horizontal scaling is more reliable than vertical scaling, since there are multiple machines involved in the cluster environment, as compared to only one machine.
vartical Clustering: 
however, consists of multiple java applications servers on a single physical machine. 
with vertical scaling, the machine's processing power, cpu usage, JVM heap memory configurations are the main factors in deciding how many servers instances should be run on one machine.


  1. Hi,Which one is preferred clustering in Real Time Production

    1. Horizontal Clustering is preferred in Real Time production environments.
      Priority of production is HA , Requests implementation in real time mode which might require more memory at particular time & we can not tolerate low performance in production mode , so preference is Horizontal Clustering.

  2. Horizontal. Bcoz if one physical machine failed it will runs on other physical machine.

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