Friday, March 21


The persistent store provides a built-in, high-performance storage solution for WebLogic Server subsystems and services that require persistence. For example, it can store persistent JMS messages or temporarily store messages sent using the Store-and-Forward feature. The persistent store supports persistence to a file-based store or to a JDBC-enabled database.
Table defines many of the WebLogic services and subsystems that can create connections to the persistent store. Each subsystem that uses the persistent store specifies a unique connection ID that identifies that subsystem.
Subsystem/Service What It Stores
Diagnostic Service Log records, data events, and harvested metrics.
JMS Messages Persistent messages and durable subscribers.
JTA Transaction Log (TLOG) Information about committed transactions coordinated by the server that may not have been completed.
Path Service The mapping of a group of messages to a messaging resource.
Store-and-Forward (SAF) Service Agents Messages for a sending SAF agent for retransmission to a receiving SAF agent
Web Services Request and response SOAP messages from an invocation of a reliable WebLogic Web Service.
EJB Timer Services EJB Timer objects.

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