Friday, March 21


what is "LDAP" server? & how can we use LDAP in our weblogic environment?

  • Ashish Gupta LDAP server is a kind of data store that stores the identity info of users trying to access the resources on weblogic server. Authentication provide looks into this data store to allow access to users based on info stored in LDAP data store. For implementation perspective you can refer oracle documentation 
  • Praveen Raj Kumar Basically LDAP is a protocol introduced by Microsoft. It can be used for global user authentication purpose. it reduces the overhead of creating and managing users locally. the access to the consoles and components of weblogic can be managed by tagging these users to groups at LDAP. Above all, this is an optional configuration and weblogic works as it is intended without configuring LDAP.
  • Ashish Gupta Praveen Rajkumar suppose our LDAP server is down that case is it possible to access any application on weblogic server instance ?
  • Praveen Raj Kumar i suppose here we are talking about enabling LDAP at weblogic level. if this is the case applications can be accessed without any issues. only access to consoles is not possible. still webligic root user can access all consoles as this user will be authenticated against internal LDAP which is embedded LDAP.
  • Praveen Raj Kumar Clustering LDAP servers is always possible if we require failover.
  • Ashish Gupta Praveen Rajkumar:one quick question : embedded LDAP is used by default authentication provider in weblogic?
  • Praveen Raj Kumar As far as i know weblogic root user will be authenticated against embedded LDAP
  • Suresh Ch how can we use.. LDAP in our production environment
  • Praveen Raj Kumar You would see security realms on weblogic console where you can configure external LDAP
  • Suresh Ch externel LDAP means "is there any need to install it separetly?"
  • Praveen Raj Kumar It is a seperate component than weblogic components. it is to be created first to use.i request you to have a look at documentations available to understand it clearly


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