Sunday, March 16

Q2) What is a Admin Server?

Every domain have one and only one admin server.
It is the central point of control for the webLogic domain.
It runs Weblogic admin console.


  1. In every domain there is only one Admin Server, a admin server is center point of control for the weblogic server domain. Admin server contain domain configuration about the domain and as well as related resources like jdbc,jms,jta configurations. By using admin server you will be able to configure the manged servers and start and stop the weblogic server instances.

  2. is there any such dependency of Admin server over managed server ..Because I have created Ms-1,Ms-2 managed server instances while installation...
    What are the Functionalities & Functionalities of Admin Servers in WLS?


  4. see if you are running any application on managedserver and its running smopthly. means you not changing any configuration than there is no need of admin server at all. yes you need admin server to run that managed server, but you can kill that after runing the Mng server. admin server needed when you have changed any new settings to effect.

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  5. Adminserver is a weblogic instance it has the capability of open the weblogic console and monitoring the other servers

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