Thursday, March 20

Startup & Shutdown Classes in Weblogic:

Startup and shutdown classes refer to custom Java programs the server executes automatically when you start a server or shut it down gracefully to provide system services for the applications you deploy. You can load the same or different startup classes on each cluster member. The server loads the shutdown classes and runs them before a graceful shutdown. Any other server shutdown modes don’t let the server run the shutdown classes. In order to use a startup or shutdown class, you must configure the classes and assign them to a server or cluster.

You can create, configure, and alter the startup sequence of startup classes through the
Administration Console. Expand Environment in the left-hand pane of the console and select Startup and Shutdown Classes.

If you want to modify the default startup behavior by, say, having the server execute the startup classes after the JDBC connection pools are activated but before the applications and EJBs are deployed, you can do so by selecting the class name and selecting the Run Before Application Deployments check box in the Administration Console. If you want the server to execute the startup tasks after it starts the JMS and JDBC services but before it activates the applications and EJBs, select the class name and the Run Before Application Activations check box in the Administration Console. The server loads and runs the startup classes before it starts the deployment prepare phase. The default behavior is for the server to load the startup classes after
the deployment enters the ADMIN state.



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