Thursday, March 6

What is the difference between weblogic and websphere?

Though the functionality of these two products are closer, there are minor differences in the standards that support.
These differences are:
1) WebSphere’s focus is more on connectivity, integration and web services where as WebLogic’s focus is
more on emerging standards and ease-of-use of J2EE.
2) WebSphere’s performance is better in terms of implementations of J2EE is little more involved, and supports more integration and transaction management to a great extent.
3)WebLogic is supported by default transaction attribute “Supports”, where as WebSphere has not
default transaction attribute.
4)WebSphere strictly follows J2EE architecture

1 comment:

  1. 1. Websphere is support multiple transaction better then weblogic.
    2. Websphere is used plugin to connect to application server but weblogic cannot
    3. Websphere having one more important role of nodeagent (its communicate between node and cell) but weblogic can use nodemanager (it can manage both admin server &manager servers to stop/start requests)
    4.Websphere always used jdk support for each version of WAS 5/6/7/8.X in any environment but weblogic can be used as sun hotspot/Jrockit for different environment.
    5. Websphere support alot of web services better then weblogic