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Incident, Change , Problem Management, SLA,

1. What is Incident ticket and which parameters are you used to create it?...
Slo: if any issue occurs in weblogic or in an application, we need to raise an incident to development team.This incident raising can be done by using few tools like remedy, clarify etc... Mostly incident raising will come into picture when you are in production support for an application. Helpdesk team will raise an incident by taking details from customer(users who are using that application).
parameters for incident are error, exact issue and time etc.

2. What is SLA and how many types of SLA's are you using?
Slo:SLA means service level agreement.
Mostly we can say agreement between vendor and client for an issue resolution.
We shouldn't violate the SLA .Not sure about types of SLA.

3. What is route cause analysis and how you can create it?
Slo:if an issue is frequently, we need find out the reason for the issue to avoid in future. This is called Root cause analysis.By checking the logs we can find out the reason.

4. What is change management process how it is do?
Slo: we can describe change management as the application of appropriate planning, tools, and processes to effectively implement change and ensure its successful adoption.

5. What is P1 notifications and P2 notifications?
Slo:if the application is down or impacting more number of users we will raise P1 or P2 depends on the severity ticket and send the notification to the customers. This can be handled by keeping the all the application people in the call. We need to send the notifcation to all the impacted customers for every 15 minutes in case P1 and for P2 30 minutes

6. What is problem management and how is it do?
Slo:Problem Management will also maintain information about problems and the appropriate workarounds and resolutions, so that we can reduce the number and impact of incidents in future.

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