Tuesday, February 11

Weblogic Server SSL Configuration

1. Generate public & private key OR you can say generate a Keystore
2. Create CSR ( Certificate Service Request ) & send to certificate authority
3. Authority will send you ssl certificate, root certificate & intermediate certificate
4. Import all certificates to your keystore
5. Create/import trust using root certificate
6. Configure Weblogic for SSL which includes
     i) Keystore tab configuration
     ii) SSL tab configuration
     iii) Enable SSL option with SSL port

NOTE: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1WuxVhrOPzvZ7YUzSGYuhuD5Jbul87vY88d-he9t1a_c

Secure socket layer - SSL provides secure connections by allowing two applications connecting over a network connection to authenticate the other's identity and by encrypting the data exchanged between the applications. Authentication allows a server and optionally a client to verify the identity of the application on the other end of a network connection. Encryption makes data transmitted over the network intelligible only to the intended recipient.

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