Friday, February 28

Multicast - Unicast

Unicast is the best option in real time scenario..Bcz Here is the examples..
In your cluster if u are having 10 Mange server instances then,

Multicast: Each MS is talking to other 9 MS So that total 90 connection was established. 
Which is burden on the server in the peak business hours. Bcz of which weblogic performance will may go down.

Unicast: 1st MS will brought up and it will act as a leader..So remaining 9 MS talking to that leader only so only 10 connections will established. So that weblogic performance may not go down.

If there is an issue with MS1 then it will be removed from the cluster and the requests will 
be processed by other managed servers in the cluster.So this is not an issue..
Multicast requires network config and support from network team to do it, but unicast doesn't require any additional setup on network or from the network team. Oracle recommends to use Unicast.


  1. Thanks I have one question.
    If MS1 goes out of cluster which MS out of 9 MS's act as a lead?

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