Tuesday, February 11

Difference between 8 9 10 versions

1.       No lock and edit mechanism.
Lock and edit is the new feature.
2.       We have connection pools and datasources separately.
We have datasources and connection pools are inside datasources.
3.       We have exclude queues.
We have work managers
4.       All configuration information is in one config.xml
Seperate xml files for domain config and jms modules are added
5.       Persistent store is defined Under JMS
Persistent store is defined Under JDBC
6.       Side by site deployment is not possible
Side by side deployment is possible
7.       We need to delete and redeploy from admin console
We can update the application using admin console
8.       Have Multipools.
Have Multi datasources


  1. could you please provide differences between WL,10,11,12 ?? I am looking for the differences from long time, so far I did not get much while google.

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  3. could u plz difference b/w 10,11,12
    can u plz forword

  4. In V 9, there is no Node Manager Concept. This is the major difference