Friday, February 14

Ticketing Tools

BMC Remedy ticketing tool:
IITL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Process:
1.           Change Management.
2.           Incident Management.
3.           Problem Management.
4.           Release Management.

Different Types of Tickets:

1) Incident ticket which identity by INC: Something happen accidently the ticket which raises manually or automatically.
Ex: WebLogic server failed to startup ticket will be raised automatically.

2) Change ticket by CRQ: If somebody wants to do change or creating a new during that time the change management ticket uses.

3) Problem ticket which identified by PBC: It is used to managed problem investigations known errors and solutions DB(Data Base)entries. Problem management can practically prevent the occurrence of incidents errors and addition management.

States of Tickets:
1) New: Displays when creating a new record or ticket.
2) Assigned: Auto set to assigned when you create a new incident assigned to someone.
3) In progress: Actively working on that incident also must select at assigning a record to yourself.
4) Pending: can’t work on that incident must fill in the reason failed or pending. It means keeping the ticket on hold for some time.
5) Resolved: A solution or work around has been found, must fill in the status reason failed.
6) Closed: The system will auto-close in five business days or if user wants close the ticket we can close immediately or manually.
7) Canceled: If record was an accident or the issue doesn’t need resolution customer or support staff may task incident as cancelled.

Urgency or priority:
1) Critical: It will impact business.
2) High: It will import only for that server or only for that particular batch systems.
3) Medium: It is not that much critical but still we need take task on that job.
4) Low: It does not require to consider this point.
 Handling Change Request: 
If any production  changes have been done. The change request will be raised.
Status of Tickets:
1) Requested: The ticket is in requested state. These are different levels of approvals needed for implementing any change request.
Level1:  Line manager ready.
Level2:  Production co-ordinater ready.
Level3:  Change co-ordinate ready.
Level4:  Skill group implementation (Request implementer) ready.
2) Ready: While getting the approvals the ticket will be in ready state.
3) Scheduled: After getting the approvals the ticket will come in to scheduled state.
4) Accepted: For implementing any change request ticket should be in scheduled state. The request has to be accepted.
5) Resoled:
6) Failed
7) Rejected


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