Wednesday, February 12

Exception , Issues with Weblogic Server

1. Application URL is not accessing.
2. Application performing very slow.
3. Server is down, Crashed.
4. Server is Hang.
5. Database Exceptions.
6. Connection pool closed issues.
7. Space issues.
8. Deployment Issues.
9. File not found exceptions.
10. Out of memory Exception.
      Heap out of memory
      Perm gen space error
11. Null pointer exception.
12. Struck thread in Servers
13. CPU utilization is High
14. socket exceptions.
15. Too many open file exception.
16. Performance issues.
17. Port or listen address already used exception.
18. socket already used exception.
19. Proxy server exceptions
20. Node manager bind exception.
21. Authentication and Authorization. 



  1. Your blog is so helpful thanks for providing in simple way.
    Is it possible for you to give solutions for above issues?

  2. Nice post to know exceptions issues in oracle weblogic serverthank you.

  3. It is very useful....could you provide solutions for above issues.

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