Thursday, November 6

What is DR (Disaster Recovery)?

  • Tatarao Vana Disaster recovery is nothing but exact copy of config of production case of any issues you can divert traffic from production server to diaster recovery server so that you can troubleshoot the issue without any business impact...i can say disaster recovery is a backup prod environment & exact mimic of prod in the view of configuration

  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh how to copy the files why are they in use?
  • Kalyana Rama Charan DR is a complete backup of running Production Environment. Whenever we get an any alert that something is going to happen wrong then immediately we gong to take those backup completely of Production. According to My knowledge Production servers are same as DR server..i.e., replica of those.
  • Kalyana Rama Charan It all depends upon the company and the tool which they are using to take backup/SnapShots of those copy of files.
  • Tatarao Vana Its not copying anything...while doing build of prod servers you will also build the backup/ disaster recovery servers...
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh Tatarao Vana so how configuration made in production will be reflected on DR?
  • Tatarao Vana Forexample A is a production server and you want to create a backup server named B. Then you need to have all the resources like physical machines and servers configured...i can say you have to do configuration two times one for prod(A) and one for backup(B)
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh Tatarao Vana Dear I understand that, but after making changes to server A, how will it be reflected on server B in the future?
  • Tatarao Vana Before application goes live make sure both environments are ready...divert the traffic to prod and keep backup server as backup then if any issues comes divert traffic to backup and continue troubleshooting prod without business impact...
  • Tatarao Vana You didn't understand what i said...A and B will be built at a time and we will test those before it goes live...those are like two different items with exact config...if one fails will use another
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh I totally understand what are you saying, the thing is, if after going live I made some changes on server A, how will they be reflected on Server B
  • Tatarao Vana Both will be up and running and will sync each other...only traffic will go to prod server
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh Tatarao Vana can you please describe the technology or the configuration that will make them in sync?
  • Tatarao Vana I am not exaclty sure...but it's not only related to servers its also related to Databases etc...everything will have its backup/recovery servers to it will sync each thats why we never have dataloss and outage
  • Kishore Setti Thanks Tatarao Vana for sharing more info.
  • Tatarao Vana You're welcome 
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh Tatarao Vana .. thanks for answering my question, but I'm still not convinced, for example, in DATABASE, we use Dataguard to create standby database so changes to production database will be reflected on DR site, in weblogic, after creating two identical server (A & B), how changes will be reflected from A to B?
  • Tatarao Vana I am not sure how they sync each other but every prod database will have its backup database. So backup servers will connect to backup databases...everything in the same fasion...i can say its a process of mirroring of prod environment with exactly the same config
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh Tatarao Vana this is exactly what I wanted to tell you 

    I'm dba as well as wls admin ,, I have worked in an environment like this, configuration should be reflected by os cluster or manually. 
  • Tatarao Vana Will update you how exactly they will sync by asking my teammates...
  • Afzal Haque Is it Master and Slave concept???....You can put http redirection on gateway webserver to redirect to DR webserver and then it is taken care back by back end appserver and db and then back....
  • Chandra Varagani Generally, we make some sync scripts to update the DR servers also whenever a change goes into live env.
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh Chandra Varagani .. that's it , you will end up copying config.xml and some other files to the dr site
  • Chandra Varagani Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh: when you have a replica of your env... then you dont need to copy anything as it is already replica/mirror. and sync scripts will copy everything to that replica(DR). thats it.
  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh My point is, it will be copied and should be scheduled.
    can you please share the script that will do such a thing
  • Afzal Haque There is something called replication the master and slave concept in DBM. So the master sever or your Prod DB
    will create bin logs which will contain all the current events of the database and this log is read by the slave db or your DR DB to get the DB of DR sync with Prod Db.
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  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh Afzal.. I'm not talking about database I know about database.. I'm talking about Weblogic.. for example if you added a managed server on the prod .. how will it be reflected on the dr
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  • Tatarao Vana Then u have to add the same managed node in bcp too...whatever you want to have to do it in build state not after going live...i mean activities like adding managed nodes and extra config...if you want to do that then shedule the config changes for both prod and backup in two different time intervals without affecting business
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  • Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh That's the idea I wanted to deliver since yesterday.. Thx dear
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  • Afzal Haque Yes exactly.....!!..
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    1. Hi all,

      Could you plz explain me how the DR site get updated, whether its from DB or any other way?
      May i know how the traffic will move from primary site to DR site, if the primary site fails?
      what is the sync time between primary to DR site? whether it is immediate or else?

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