Monday, November 3

How to connect wlst offline mode to online mode in weblogic?

  • Sivasankar Reddy Open command prompt
    Run %DOMAIN_HOME%\bin\setDomainEnv.cmd - to set domain specific environment variables
    Start WLST using java weblogic.WLST
    At WLS prompt connect to AdminServer using 
    connect ('username','password','t3://localhost:7001')

    Run nmEnroll(domainDir='C:/oracle/Middleware/user_pro

    to validate
    Login to AdminServer console 
    Navigate through %DOMAIN_NAME% -> Environment -> Machines -> %MACHINE_NAME% -> Monitoring -> Node Manager Status

    Nodemanager should be "reachable"

  • Parupalli Rajesh ok boss but how can we go to online to offline mode

  • Srinivasa Wladmn rajesh using disconnect() method u can swich from online mode to offline mode

  • Parupalli Rajesh sorry how can go to offline to online mode

  • Srinivasa Wladmn using connect() command we can go to online mode from offline mode

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