Sunday, November 9

What are the prerequisites we need to check before going to install Weblogic and apache?

Gaguturi Kamalbee
 the prerequesties for oracle weblogic server are minimum 2GB RAM,
2GB free disk space and
1GHz cpu processor and also when installation, 
please make sure that the tmp directory has enough space bcoz the installation takes 2.5 times the amount of tmp space for the installed file,
and we check the prerequesties for WLS we can use top, du -sh,df -kh, free and uname also.

Raja Reddy 
1. Based on application size 
2. Future deployment plans
3. Traffic flow of app 
4.No. of nodes we need to create and RAM of each node 
5. uname, whoami, free, top, du df will useful to check the prerequesties.......................

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