Thursday, January 8

What is lok file ?how many types of lok files are there?

  • Lubomír Maliník lok files are for locking some action which should be run or made only by one user or holding process. You can find config.lok invoked for serial update of config.xml, then each server has its own lok file for server and lok file for embedLDAP to avoid start same manged server in time twice. Then you can find edit.lok invoked by Edit actions for one user editing domain configuration in time. I am not sure if other exist.
  • Lubomír Maliník It is good to know it, because sometimes when server crash you cant start servers and it writes something like "Instance is already running" Or second issue server begin to start and then after line in log with text "....IIOP..." next step is load embedLDAP but server stuck for long time in this step because ldap is locked or corrupted. Remove of these lok files usually can help you to start server perfectly again


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