Thursday, January 8

Persistent Store

  • Moqthayar Ali Shaik It is used to store weblogic resources and weblogic subsystems
  • Raju Sagi persistent store stores all you JMS messages into either file store (which will be saved in .dat format) or else in database store, so even though our weblogic went crash ,our JMS messages still persist in the file or database, in other hand if it is non-persistent our Weblogic intance keep messages in its memory but if instance went down all its memory along with messages will be wiped out.
  • Maadhavamadhausudhan Reddy K it is a physical repository for storing jms server data like queue and topic. There are two types. file and jdbc store

  • Chandra Varagani If the server crashes when the requests/messages are processing.. those requests will save in one place which calls persistent store. it depends on you that you can configure it or not. As the guys said above, there are 2 types. first, file persistent store can be defined in JMS till 8x version.. guess till 9.1.. From 9.2 onwards, JDBC persistent store have been introduced. so, you can configure it under JDBC.

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