Thursday, January 8

Hi, Suppose we have apache webserver and weblogic manage servers in an environment. Client can access an application only from external URL..if so do we need SSL only for Apache or both apache and Weblogic manage servers.?

  • Sri Vas What is the need of SSL, keystore sections in weblogic console? if SSL configuration for apache is enough for the environment to protect data?
  • Sambi Reddy Ssl is of multiple types like one way two way.. Pls go through it
  • Anfraz Shaikh Enabling SSL on Weblogic would be an extra level of security. But if you dont have option then it would be enough to enable SSL on Apache as long as application is accessed via Apache URL.
  • Madhu Katuri It depends on your Infrastructure requirements. 1) You can terminate SSL at Apache or 2) Extend till WebLogic Managed Servers. You need to configure SSL only on Apache in case 1 and on both Apache and WebLogic in case 2 above. Case 1 (Browser to Apache) is one way SSL and Case 2 is Two-Way SSL . Generally between servers is Two-Way SSL


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