Monday, October 20

What is CLOUD Environment ?

Kiran Kumar Ravula the term mainly deals with the data center / Storage devices
as you know now a days Server , data , security and software maintenance is too much cost effective , and by using these individual dedicated resources , it is too difficult to maintain . Clo
ud is simply sharing the resources and maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources over a particular network. it is like you are using same printer from different systems in your college computer lab. . these resources includes the hardware/platform/infrastructure/software ... in a traditional way the dedicated servers are used by single app/group only.. but in cloud environment all the resources are used by multiple users and if any additional requirement is there, we can add additional resources. simply multiple users can use a single server without purchasing licenses for different applications . all the servers will be converted in to VMs. BUT in practical approach, as per my knowledge Cloud is not safe for Critical commercial business applications.


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