Sunday, October 5

Back up of existing domain

Abhishek Porwal Simple way is to make tar File.

Atchut Ram Gundu Use file under wlsserver directory which will create a template..

Kumara Guruparan R You can take a template of the existing domain... Also config. XML can be backed up... Moreover the data on the server is backed up by tsm servers

Gaguturi Kamalbee pack means copy the pack the domain and unpack means paste the domain to multiple server

Mohammad Faisal Zakarneh pack used to 'pack' a domain or managed servers only of domain in a template file .. unpack then used to 'unpack' the package packed by pack  

PACK Process 
export PATH=/export/home/wlsuser/bea/weblogic92/common/bin:$PATH
pack -domain=domain -template=template -template_name=“template_name”
[-managed={true|false}][-log=log_file] [-log_priority=log_priority]

if it is in the pack command in the path you can give from any directory otherwise you need to goto that path.

bash-3.00$ -domain="/export/home/wlsuser/domains/wlscldom" 
-template="/export/home/wlsuser/templates/wlscltemp.jar" -template_name="WLS 
CLUSTER DOMAIN" -log=/export/home/wlsuser/logs/wlscldompack.log -log_priority=INFO

UNPACK Process

To run this we must already run the pack command on a domain which is already existing. The domain template jar must be copied to the destination machine. 

unpack -template=template -domain=domain [-user_name=username]
[-password=password] [-app_dir=application_directory]
[-java_home=java_home_directory] [-server_start_mode={dev|prod}]
[-log=log_file] [-log_priority=log_priority]


bash-3.00$ -template=wlscltemp.jar -domain=domains/wlscldom 
-log=wlscldomunpack.log -log_priority=INFO

To unpack managed server also it will work in the similar manner. But need to put the

Example: -managed=true -domain="/home/wluser/domains/WLclsnm/" -template="/home/wluser/templates/WLclsnm.jar" -template_name="WLS CLUSTER DOMAIN" -log=/home/wluser/logs/wlscldompack.log -log_priority=INFO -template=WLclsnm.jar -domain=domains/WLclsnm -log=WLclsnmpack.log -log_priority=INFO 


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