Tuesday, October 7

web.XML, weblogic.XML and application.xml

  • Rahul Sharma The web.xml file provides configuration and deployment information for the Web components that comprise a Web application. Examples of Web components are servlet parameters, servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) definitions, and Uniform Resource Locators (URL) mappings. This is located in the WEB-INF directory.

    Weblogic.xml is the configuration file for all the applications lying in the domain created. It lies in the META-INF directory and contains parameters such as auth-filter, charset-params, container-descriptor, context-root, description etc..

  • Ananth Srinivas Adding to Rahul Sharma application.xml descriptor file for an enterprise application contains basic configuration and deployment information for an application, such as the name and location ofeach module (Every EJB) in the enterprise application and application-wide security roles.
    • Kiran Kumar Ravula Web applications are configured using the web.xml and weblogic.xml deployment descriptors, which:
      Define the run-time environment 
      Map URLs to servlets and JSPs 
      Define application defaults such as welcome and error pages 
      Specify J2EE security constraints 
      Define work managers for applications 
      Set the context root for the application

    • Kiran Kumar Ravula What information will be available in “web.xml” file?
      The web.xml file is a deployment descriptor that is used to configure the following:
      Servlets and JSP registration 

      Servlet initialization parameters 
      JSP tag libraries 
      MIME type mappings 
      Welcome file list 
      Error pages 
      Security constraints and roles 
      EJB references

    • Kiran Kumar Ravula What information will be available in “weblogic.xml” file?
      Using weblogic.xml, you can configure the following:
      The application’s root context path 

      Application logging 
      Security role mappings 
      Advanced session settings 
      Session clustering 
      References to shared libraries 
      References to server resources (data sources, EJBs, and so on) 
      Work managers and threading 
      Virtual directories 
      JSP compiler options

    • Vivek Ranjan In simple word...
      Application.xml:- it specifies war files and other application level context . An application is nothing but a bunch of war file.
      Web.xml:- the web.xml hold lot more detail information for the war file . It includes the web app name ,
       servlet mapping,Security roles etc.
      Weblogic.xml:- weblogic specified deployment descriptor file named weblogic.xml ,which define how named resourses in the web.xml file are mapped to weblogic server resourse .

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