Saturday, September 19

Some of the interview Questions

Some of the interview Questions that i faced recently. Interview was form 1 hour 25 minutes -------------
• if admin server is down and if we changed any setting in managed server, will admin get all those setting after getting up?
• Can a stuck thread still do reasonable work?
• How do you deal with the corrupted config.xml?
• how do you deal with the corrupted configuration like JDBC , JMS files?
• What are the available logs Created in Weblogic?
• What is a TTL in weblogic?
• What are the difference between Connection pool and data source?
• What happens if we delete the log files when the server is running & when the server is not running?
• Can we change the name of the log files when the process is running?
• What is HTTP tunneling in weblogic?
• How many types of weblogic installation ?
• How do you clean the Cache in Weblogic?
• What are the recommendations for the number of WebLogic Server Instance (JVM) per CPU?
• Tell about the Weblogic Boot Up sequence?
• Does WebLogic Server dynamically use additional CPUs added to a managed server on the fly?
• Can a WebLogic Server (WLS) admin server running on a 32-bit JDK be configured with a managed server running on a 64-bit JDK?
• What is the difference between -Dweblogic and setting values in weblogic console?
• How to disable admin port in weblogic without weblogic console?
• What are Pinned services in Weblogic?
• Why we need Weblogic Inactive Connection Timeout in Weblogic
• How do I integrate JNI ( Native code ) code into weblogic?
• I want to set Prodcution Mode to true in Admin Domain , would this also run all the managed servers in Production Mode ?
• What is the deployment process in weblogic?
• How does the deployment to a cluster work if one of the member is down
• How do you differentiate between a server hang and server crash issue?
• what is the difference between .jar .war and .ear files?
• What are deployment descriptors?
• What is a shutdownhook?
• What is a File Descriptor?
• What is fast swap in weblogic?
• How do we find the applied patches done in Weblogic
• What are core , thread and heap dump?
• What is a network channel in Weblogic?
• What are Resource adapters?
• How does Credentials are passed to Weblogic server?
• How do we communicate with external components?
• What is cross cluster replication in weblogic?
• What is a DBPing and multiCast utility do?
• What is the use of Pack Command>\?
• Does weblogic server works as a Web Server?
• What are the available roles in weblogic?
• What is a Client application archive?
• What are the types of deployment methods in Weblogic?
• What are the types of packaging files for deployment?
• Can an application be deployed without any deployment descriptors?
• What are the values tuned in web logic?
• What are the differences between multicast and unicast clustering?
• What are the data source states?
• When does a Data Source goes to Suspend State?
• What is a Overload state in Weblogic?
• What is the sequence of Weblogic Server startup?
• How can the cluster members will communicate?
• What are the difference b/w web server and proxy server?
• Difference between horizontal clustering, vertical clustering and where both are used?
• If data source is configured but then after DB server is not running then what is the state of data source?
• What is the difference between heap dump and thread dump?
• What kind of problems would you expect to encounter when trying to increase a managed server's maximum heap size to 3 GB? If an application was suffering short periodic freezes, and no errors were appearing in the logs, can you suggest a possible cause?
• If a managed server is crashing with a StackOverflow exception, what could be the cause?
• Describe how you might run a WLST script?
• What is a Smart Update in weblogic?
• What is a weblogic version compatibility?
• Can a node manager run with a different version of weblogic version?
• Can weblogic cluster be configured in a mixed platform ?
• What is a Harvester in WLDF?
• What are Watches and Notifications in WLDF?
• What are the types of data sources provided in weblogic?
• Can JDBC datasource be shared across clusters or to other developers?
• What is Cluster-wide JNDI tree?
• What are the types of Session Replication in weblogic?
• When does a Weighted Round Robin algorithm used,Explain a Scenario?
• What is the Diff b/w Xa and Non-Xa Datasource ?
• What are the Deployable Modules and Deployment modes?

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