Wednesday, April 16

what is a jndi and what is the use of jndi ? plz give me some clarity on jndi ?

  • Kiran Kumar Ravula consider this raw scenario.. suppose the name abc is used as a JNDI in the application code.. then the same JNDI name should be given in the data source configuration.. so that when a request for that particular data sorce came, weblogic searches the JNDI tree and if the request(JNDI name in the application) matches the JNDI name in weblogic, then only it will try to establish a connection.. this is not a pure technical explanation.. this is for understanding purpose only.. correct me if am wrong..
  • Kiran Kumar Bhairi U r right Kiran Kumar Ravula. JNDI is a naming service which is used by the application to find out the resources configured in weblogic. Thats why it is called JNDI lookup... Hope it helps!
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